UniClutch twin plate clutch install

UniClutch twin plate clutch install

I ended 2023 with major clutch slip after adding a bit of boost back into the mix. The old Exedy clutch/flywheel combo from 2013 have been holding up great in like 6 different engines including a FMSC 2.5 but was not optimal, uneven wear on flywheel, some shudder on downshifts from higher rpm, some slip when reversing uphill.

When researching what clutch to go for next that can reliably hold ~ 500Nm I found the same old stuff that has been on the market the last 100 years that most likely would worsen driveability. OEM derived pressure plate in different colors, very stiff pedal, jerky unsprung paddle type disc etc.

But then I found uniclutch.com

From the website

  • Twin Disc, Dual Core, Clutch System
  • UniClutch Flex Fit Installation
  • Billet Steel Components
  • Silent Shift & RDC Technology
  • Integrated Flywheel Friction Surface
  • Comfort Pedal Tune
  • 750 Nm/550 Ft Lb ( More for sport/tuned versions)

Doubling up on friction surface by adding discs is obviously the way to go for torque capacity. Not that common in OEMs so most offerings are for race use where NVH and general driveability is not prioritized. But this is where this product promises to deliver with some innovative features, so lets give it a go.

Unboxing. Very impressive quality and finish.

The clutch itself is generic for a bunch of models so it comes with an MX5 NC adapter kit and new bearings.

The clutch is unique in that it has it’s own friction surface instead of using the flywheel. This makes for very high precision and control and has small coil springs to avoid ratting and engagement problems with the discs.

The downside of this design is added weight since it still needs a flywheel. So I went for the lightest NC flywheel I could find “Competition Clutch NC Ultra Lightweight Chromoly Flywheel” 8.4 lbs

Old Exedy clutch/ 13lbs flywheel combo: 11Kg / 24 lbs

Uniclutch + 8.4 lbs flywheel: 11.4kg / 25.1 lbs

It’s possible to get it even lighter by using the Fidanza alu flywheel and then remove the replaceable friction inserts. There also might be a slight difference in more of the mass being near center on the Uniclutch.

Assembly was OK. They are very specific on using Loctite® 243 and nothing else.

As of writing I’m still breaking in the clutch, but I’m very impressed with how this worked out. The pedal is very light. Actually lighter than my Suzuki Swift.. It’s also silent with no shudder or vibration which was a problem on the old setup As for rev matching and “lightness” it feels about the same but hard to tell before it’s broken inn and I can start banging some gears. All in all I’m very happy with both the quality and performance of this clutch.


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