Today I received and fitted the oil-lines from FM. Great stuff and service.
Perfect fit and no more oil leak.

Finally I can start using my turbocharged MX-5 !

I have also fitted a cheap "AutoGauge" boostgauge for monitoring the boostpressure and made som shielding around the airfilter and the brake mastercylinder.

The gauge shows 0.3 bar of boost pressure. This is 0.1 bar less than what the documentations say is max safe. I tightened the connectionrod on the boostactuator a couple of turns a got 0.4 bar :)
I really like the added tourqe from this kit.
The turbolag is almost non existent and it pulls all the way to the top.
This is what the MX-5 should have been from the factory. Here is a finished pic of the install: