Last night I started installing the electronics, fuelfilter and the testpipe as these were fairly simple stuff that did not require the car to be left overnight at the "garage".

I also had the installation manual translated. There was a couple of important things, like the dipstick could not be in the dipstick tube while driving as it would restrict flow for the oilreturn. Nice to know.

The testpipe was added to decrease the backpressure in the standard exhaust and get better flow/spoolup. It might not help that much but its nice to know I got one less restriction in my exhaust to worry about.
It gave no increase in power in N/A form ( as expected).

The F-CON mini install was just some soldering of wires on the wireharness going to the standard ECU.
It is meant to increase the injector pulse on the stock injectors to fatten up the mixture.
It does not measure boostpressure so I expect an increase of fuelconsumption on ofboost conditions as well.
I also sprayed som CRS on the manifoldbolts to make the job easier the next day.