This is how it looked before I started ripping out things from the engine bay:

Nice and not so clean...
I started with removing the airfilterbox and the manifold. No problems...
Not before I came to the last manifold nut. My pice of crap socket wrench did not fit properly so I managed to make it FUBAR and was unable to get it out.
I ended up drilling it off and destroying the stud in the process. :

After driving around for a couple of hours looking for a suitable replacement i found a bolt with the ultra rare 1/10 thread size at a local dirtbike shop.(The Mazda dealer/workshop was closed on saturday and probably had to order the part anyway).
I know a bolt is not the same as a stud, but it will have to do for now.
After removing the manifold and downpipe I started wrapping some heat insulation on the parts that is closest to tha hot stuff.
The heatshielding that came with the kit was barely enough to wrap half the parts pointed out in the instructions. Luckily I had bought som extra. I will add some sheetmetal shielding in front of the mastercylinder som day as it looks kind of cheesy with all the "tinfoil" in the enginebay.

The next thing on the agenda was to hookup the oil lines to the turbo.
HKS has decided to do this the hard (and stupid) way by adding a T-pice at the oilpressure sending unit on the coldside of the engine. This might have something to do with the 1.6 blocks not having the possibility to tap oil from the hotside of the block. This kit is for a 1.8 though...
The sensor was a pain in someones ass to get out. If you think its hard to get the oil filter out, try unscrewing this baby without using some interesting language. I finally got the ****er out by using a socket and joints in my underarm I didn't know I had. Thank you Mazda...

Assembleing the turbo and downpipe went without problems.
The bolts and nuts looks to be of good quality.
I'll be installing it tomorow after fitting the new oil dipstick pipe and working out where to connect the waterlines to/from the turbocentersection.