I finally got the chance to test the car on the track after going turbo.
I like it a lot! Now I can keep it in 3rd all trough the S combinations thanks to the added torque.
The increased power really helps. Some dude timed one of my laps to 1.14,8. Thats not more than 1 second faster than last time (N/A). I hope to shave off a second when I get used to the extra power.
I'm not used to having to throttle steer out of corners
My exhaust was measured to 97 db. That can't be right as I measures 89 db last time. The turbo should muffle the sound, not increase it 8 db...
I met some other MX-5 owners there. One of them had a red 1.8 with Öhlins suspension an full race setup including rollcage, slics osv. He ran 1.10 laps but said he had done 1.08 laps when racing in the Roadsport class with a Mazdaspeed clutchtype LSD.
My ultimategoal with this car is to run 1.10 laps.
I will need new tires, more power and stiffer suspension to make that happen.