Yey! I finally received my HKS Turbokit from

My initial plan was to save som more cash and go for the FM2 kit at but I need more power FAST as I'm really missing the rush I had in my 323 GT-R when the boost hit.
The HKS kit is a compromise.
It has a smaller T25G turbo ( FM uses T28), simple piggyback fuel management (F-CON Mini) and noo IC. The good thing is that its half the price of the FM kit and the manifold and downpipe looks to be of ok enough quality to use with later upgrades.
The kit is meant to produce 0.4 bar and give something like 150-160 horsepower.
Its a long way from the power in the GT-R or an FM2 but it's a start.
It will be interesting to se how much power I can push from the T25 when I start adding proper fueling and other gofastbits.
The kit came with japanese installation instructions + som notes from one guy at mx5parts. A dude I know with som limiting knowledge of the japanese language has said yes to take a look at it in case there are some details left out in the 9 word translation mx5parts gave me :-/

The oilreturn via the oildipstick looks a little dodgy. I'll keep an eye on that one as the dipstick hole to the block can't be more than max 7mm in inner diameter. If the oil don't drain fast enough the oil wont escape from the bearingsection of the turbo and will overheat/blow the seals.
I would also have liked the downpipe to br 2.5" instead of the tiny 2".
The fuel filter and testpipe was not included with the kit.