I finally got around to install the Link ECU and new injectors.
A lot of work but no problems as the installation manual from FM is the best. At least that's what I think after fighting with the Japanese instructions for the turbo kit.
I managed to break the knock sensor adapter bolt but a new one is on its way from FM.
The car started on the first try. Some misfiring the first 10 seconds but afterwards it ran like stock.
After setting up the TPS, idle, timing and base A/F i was ready for a test drive.
The boost control was set to 0.4 bar.
The car ran really well. No hesitation or hiccups. Just like the stock ecu.
After the initial tuning of "non boosted rows" i tried some WOT runs.
The modulation of boost pressure was somewhat different. It rises much slower than with only the WG clock and standard spring setting.
The only issue I found was the intake air sensor showing a constant 94C. I later found out I had been looking at the coolant temp reading
Later this week I'll be setting up the boost control and upping the boost to 0.5 bar. Maybe more if the intake air temp is kept under control.