Well, this is actually a remake of the old "ghetto" exhaust that was thrown together last year with over 10 pipe clamps and mildsteel bends from www.Torshovbil.no .
It consists of one straight trough resonator where tha cat normally would be located and a "Torshov jalla" straight trough muffler at the end.
My initial plan was to replace all the clamps with excelent smooth welds from this blue thing I got extremely cheap:

I quckly found out (again..) that my welding skills are non existent and that welding with electrodes is nothing like MIG or TIG.
This is actually one of the better "bird droppings" a managed to make, LOL:

For the hangers I used some kind of ironbar I had lying around in the shed (Sunday = hardware store closed...)
This was an attempt of bending it.

The finished result. Its not pretty but it was as cheap as it looks and does wonders for spool and flow (and sound!!).