On Sunday I attended the 200SX OGN StageDrive SS1. Thats a long and fancy name for AutoX og Atoslalom arranged at the far end of Gardermoen raceway.
Creds to the 200SX club for inviting other brands than Nissan to the event, like:
  • 3 generations of Toyota MR2
  • Lotus Elise Racetech 200 HP
  • Several 300-400 hp 200SX s13/s14
  • Mazda RX7 FC Turbo II
  • ++
 The weather was about 8C and dry conditions except for a couple of puddles.
As this was my first time driving an AutoX course I was prepared to take it slowly and learn the track before flooring it.
I knew that with some skll behind the wheel the car would be competitive.
The short driving sessions also enabled me to upp the boost to 1 Bar so I didn't loose too much to the big HP monsters on the ~300M stretch between the cones.
Track layout:
The course was run in two heats with two passes for each heat. On my first pass I totally missed the 180o hairpin at the end of the straight. Partly because of the cold tires and no ABS.
The slalom part went better than expected and the car was very stable with fast turn in.
On the second pass the tires had better grip and the slalom went really well. I managed to mess up the 180 again by trying to use the handbrake which resulted in a complete stop followed by dumping the clutch in second gear and smoking the tires. I still managed the second best time in the first heat (!!!) only beaten by an old s13 with coilovers and Kaaz 2way diff.
In the second heat I was carefull not to have too much speed into the 180 turns and managed to have higher speed trough the slalom part.
The second pass resulted in the best time of the day with 1.04,8 !!!! That's almost 3 seconds better than second place!
This was really unexpected as several of the 200SX's had lots of power, semi-slics, ripped out interior etc..
I guess Racers > Posers
Results: (My name for the day was Arild O.)