Finally! After two months of not so hard work the car is ready for the road again.
I still has a couple of things to figure out but nothing that prevents me from do some daily driving.
The rain made the first trip both very enjoyable and risky. The stiffer suspension and bushings in the rear has eliminated the nasty wheelhop and the car is much more stable while eh, "drifting".
It turned out that the front toe was way out after the suspension work (surprise...). and having lots of toe out in the front can be scary at high speeds in the rain...

The next day I did some emergency front toe alignment involving a 2by4 and magic tricks. This resulted in an unknown amount of toe in that made the car feel safe enough to break in the pads.
I quickly found out that my ABS doesn't work anymore as the right front wheel locked up under the first partial breaking events of the bed-in process.
The new brakes are stunning compared to the old stuff. The feel and performance is excelent even after 10 repeating 100 - 10 km/t stops. The real test is on the track though.
I spent the rest of the day driving around with the top down in sunny weather.
The loweringsprings has totally changed the cars apperance: (The next mod should be a wash :) ) Rollbar looks nice!