Yeah! I did my first laps of the year at Rudskogen race track today (Barn door style!).
The event was held by some guys with background in historic racing .
The conditions was perfect. Not too many cars on the track, dry cold weather and no drifting allowed.
I did some more fine tuning of the boosted rows on my way to the track located at Rakkestad as i didn't quite finish the previous session due to rain.
I started out "slow" as I was a bit unsure about how the car would handle with all the new mods compared to last year. Especially driving with no ABS and the sharper brakes.
It turned out to be even better than what I had hoped. The car was exactly as neutral and forgiving as before only more precise and lots of more traction with less roll.
After a couple of passes i managed to do several 1.09 laps! That's four seconds better than last year with the same engine power!!
The only car that was faster than me this night was a Porche 996 GT3.
Several people came by and wanted to look at the car and ask about the specs.
One even wanted me to start racing in the Road Sport class. Hmm..
The brakes was excelent with good feel and no fading what so ever even after 15+ rounds of hard driving.
I ran with about 30 psi semi hot in the Toyo's which seems to work ok.
I experimented with the damper settings and found step 6 on all corners to be sligthly better than 4. This was with standard sway bars.
To go faster I need more traction. The inner wheel looses traction when the boost hits out of tight corners. Some kind of LSD should do the trick. Hopefully I'll have a Kaaz 1.5 or 2 way on the car some time in june.
I'm sure upping the boost to 1 bar should help to but I need more cooling before that is possible on the track. Hooking up the oil cooler should help also.
Here is a graph from a datalog I did on the last pass:

The boost is not reaching its boost target of 0.8 bar. I'm not sure why. Thats almost good news as I know there is more boost available :)
The coolant temperature is barely aceptable with over 105 C.
Air temp is ok with a bit over 30C at the end of the straight.
Now I'm broke... This was the only trackday I can afford this month. Cost for 4 hours of driving: 800,- fee + 600 in gas = 1400

More pictures here ------>