I have earlier used FM's standard map for the FM2 kit with no alterations in the boosted rows.
This has not been optimal as the map is tuned for a T28 turbo that flows more air than my T25G.
With the WBO2 I can finally autotune the boosted rows to get a more correct A/F an hopefully better fuel consumption and maybe more power as well.
The first tuning session revealed that the A/F on boost was way off. I had to autotune several times as the Link won't substract more than 8 points at a time. Some of the zones were 20 point above the A/F target.
Some of the variations could be caused by a badly centered fuelmap but I guess the T25G flows less air than I thought.

Anyway the WB02 works great. The biggest problem now is that tuning at WOT on public roads and 1 bar of boost can get exciting.
The first sessions were done with no boostcontrol. The original actuator gives about 0.35 bar of steady boost. Perfect for tuning row 4.
The "Aux CF" graph is the WBO2. A/F target is spot on after some tuning with RTLINK.

The next graph is for 0.8 bar. I later fixed the boost spike by playing with the WG parameters.
Full boost hits at ca. 3000 RPM depending on gear. The log under is in 3rd.
The extra spring on the actuator works well as the dutycycle of the solenoid stays around 40-50%