I decided to finish the tuning of the non boosted rows with the standard lambda sensor before installing the wide band. I have read that the original sensor is more accurate than the wideband under idle and cruise conditions.
As mentioned before the WBO2 is a
It was either the LC-1 or the AEM unit that FM sells.
I opted for the LC-1 because of the better accuracy and very good feedback from other customers.
It's also possible to calibrate the sensor and configure/datalog via a laptop .
The installation was easy thanks to FM's excelent instructions for the AEM unit which was generic enough that I could use it for the LC-1 as well. To use the EGR wires for ECU ground made things a lot easier.
Due to the short sensor cable I mounted the LC-1 control unit on the MAP-sensor:

I spliced the cables using standard crimp-on butt connectors instead of soldering as i didn't want to goof around with a soldering iron between the fuel lines.
Even more untidy wires under the hood:

Luckily for me Jeremy@FM has made a spreadsheet which converts the LC-1 0-5v output voltage to the Link ECU A/F targets for the different zones. Big thanks to FM for supporting hardware they don't even have in their own shop.