I need more cooling!!!. On the last trackday I barely managed to keep the coolant temps under 108C which is when the Link ECU switches to limp mode.
An oil cooler might help a couple of degrees. I know that this can have i huge impact on other cars but I have not seen any serious documented data for before and after temps on a BP engine.
As the situation is now I'm willing to try anything as I can't afford a $400 Koyo or PWR alu rad at the moment.
I have previously tried several locations for the cooler without success. I will not mount it before the radiator as the puny original rad needs all the fresh air it can get. The IC is already blocking off part of the air stream.
My original plan was to cut a slot in the lower bumper lip and use the cooler as a license plate bracket as I have no use for it on the streets. This is not possible after i lowered the car.
I later found out that the HKS MX-5 oil cooler kit mounts the cooler in front of the right front wheel.
I'm skeptical to debris from the road/tires damaging the cooler but its worth a try. There should be lots of cool air under there an I can always throw in som ducting or cut a hole in the bumper if it ain't enough.
After a couple of hours of work I ended up with this:

 The cooler is mounted in three of the four corners.
I had to make a bracket to secure it to one of the towing hook bolts.
The top corner is mounted with bolts going under the barn door.

 Now I only need some hydraulic hose between the Mocal sandwich adapter and the cooler.
I'll just keep the cooler mounted but not hooked up a couple of weeks to see if it takes any damage from the wheels.
I might have to add some kind of wire mesh to protect the fins from rocks.