Well, it's a long time since I updated this blog now.
A lot have happend since i mounted the oilcooler.

  • The Oilcooler worked great.
  • I attended the Porche Club Norway's autoslalom event at Gardemoen and beat all the attendents including a GT3 !!!!
  • I managed to overheat the manifold resulting in a crack between the 3rd and 4th runner. Most likely a lean condition elevating the EGT. I suspect the orginal fuel pump has gradually been loosing pressure.
  • The crack in the manifold happening mid season and some other big plans involving a Honda lead to me advertising the car for sale.
  • I stripped the car for as much goodies as possible except hard to remove stuff like the cage, dampers, brakes, clutch etc.
  • The car was sold to an "older couple". I guess it wont see a Racetrack for a while :)
  • 2 days ago I bought a red 91 Honda NSX
Look out for a new blog for this car.