I attended the NSK trackday at Rudskogen on the 23. of May.
I was sure this would be my first on a wet track as it was pouring down the whole trip from Oslo to Rudskogen.
Oddly enough the track was dry the whole evening but the air was very damp.
This was a good thing for me as I need all the cooling I can get.
The first pass went ok but I felt there was something missing or wrong with the car. I alÂ
To be on the safe side went in to the depot and turned down the boost to 0.8 ba.
On the second pass the car still felt the same and I managed to alomst overheat (108c) on the last couple of laps.
Later on some guys wondered why I didn't remoe the license plate covering the airintake in the grille.... DOOOH..... I had forgot to remove it which explained the high temperatures and lack of power.
With the license plate removed and further lowering of tire pressure the car felt super fast again and better grip in the corners. I nearly managed to keep up with a Porche GT3 and a Ferrari F355 Berlinetta! They had more grunt on the straight but didn't gain too much in the corners. This was on 0.8 bar.
I later upped the boost to 1bar and was able to keep the car cool thanks to the moist air!  With the upped boost I'm able to hit the revlimiter in 3rd gear on the smaller straight before "Slakter'n" and before braking into the 90° before "depot raka". With a bigger radiator and a proper LSD I'm really going to start chasing the GT3's and other exotic stuff on the track.Â
Pictures from NSK's website:Â http://nsk2.sesamdata.no/gallery2/main.php?g2_itemId=21284&g2_page=1
Some of the other cars on the track:
Ferrari F355 Berlinetta. The owner claimed 380 hp but the GT3's were faster on the straights.

Porche 996 GT3. Awsome car. If I'm not mistaken there were two of them there this evening + one 911 Turbo.

Originally a BMW E30 316 with a souped up 3.6 or 3.8 ltr M5 engine. Very fast car.Â