I had a great evening at Rudskogen 23.06.06.
This was a trackday held by www.bilmekaniker.no. Most famous for wild driving and lots of drifting.
This evening was no exception with two cars crashing 10 minutes before they closed for the day.
The traffic chaos out of Oslo delayed me more than one hour so I arrived at 1900 and had only 2 hours of tracktime ( where 1 hour is spent standing in line..).
I only drove two sessions on the track. On the first run I had forgot to adjust the shocks and I was bumping all over the track.
On the second run I had all four corners dialed in + tirepressure set to 25 psi HOT wihch gives loads of grip from the Toyos.
To aid cooling I had replaced my coolant the day before with 10% glycol and half a bottle of redline waterwetter.
I also used a radiator flush to get rid of any dirt and other stuff.
The result was marginally better cooling but not really worth the hassle.
I now have a 53 mm Koyo on its way from www.horsepowerfreaks.com to fix this problem once and
for all.
It was way to crowdet on the track to set any good laptimes. Half the cars on the track was (trying)
to drift so it was sometimes risky to stay too close to the car in front. One guy was to close and
ended up like this:

There were a couple of other badass MX-5 on the track as well:
350 hp GT-R BP powered MX-5 with lots of mods including RX7 FD3 drivetrain:

Haralds custom built turbo t3/04 powered NA. This car makes about the same power
as mine on 0.6 bar . I'm running 1 bar. Hairdresser-cars chasing an EVO:
And voila
More pics of my car in action in the gallery.
The thread on bilforumet.net has a lot of pics and other info.
Pictures from driftfun.com including som pics of me: