Instead of having my dashboard full of external gauges I opted for a Wiseunits MPM Dash logger. It consists of a display unit with navigation button and a main unit with all the connections for the sensors, memory for data logs and serial port.
It can data log and display in real time 12 different engine parameters either via external sensors or existing engine sensors. All inputs has programmable audible and visible alarms that will be triggered if the value falls below or exceeds a certain threshold. Data logs can be viewed and analyzed with the included software on a laptop. It also works as a performance box for power and 401m sprint.

The display unit looks like a large version of the Link ECU programmer but with a a much more light intensive display and an high energy blue LED warning light:

After some failed attempt to fasten the main unit under the steering column I found a better spot under the AC unit on the passager side.

It was even harder to find a suitable location for the display unit but I ended up sacrificing the driver left side air went on the center console.
I had to open the display unit to make som holes for two zipties.

This is how it ended up looking from the drivers seat.

Since I'm off to Nürburgring in a couple of days I'll try to keep modifications on the car to a minimum. Just for verifying that the unit works I connected the existing K-type sensor from the AutoGauge oiltemp gauge since it was already present in the greddy sanwich adapter. For some reason the oiltemp was 10 C less than on the gauge. I suspect it's the autogauge sensor that is showing different temps than the VDO unit that were included with the dashlogger. While changing the sensor I managed to brake off the oilpressure sensor in the sandwich block nnngnggg...
That means there will be no oiltemp and oilpressure monitoring on my trip to Germany as I had to completely remove the adapter.

Instead of having 12 external sensors my plan is to get as much information from the programmable outputs from the Hydra ECU and wire it directly to the dashlogger. This will give me realtime engine parameters from the factory mounted sensor + the MAP sensor and other info from the Hydra. There are a couple of sensors I still need to wire in directly to the dashlogger like the EGT, fuel pressure, oilpressure and oiltemp sensors.
I'll start of with oil pressure and oiltemp and might add EGT if the turbo goes off for a compressor wheel upgrade this winter.