Finally I had the time to start installing the last parts of the Big Enchilada package.
Since the intake piping is not designed for using MAF I have to install the intake, injectors and Hydra ECU before I can use the car again. That can take a while.
With that in mind I have been driving the car a lot lately enjoying the new Exhaust and IC. This is really how Mazda should have delivered the MSM from the factory.

This is how the stock engine compartment looks like before the tampering begins. Neat an tidy.

First off is the stock rubber throttle body inlet pipe. This is known to expand like a balloon when increasing the boost. The shiny FM piece has switched the location for the post IC intake temp sensor and the BOV.
It's also missing the stock boost signal source as the FM intake pipes got one closer to the turbo.

Next up is removing the stock air box and intake piping. The temp sensor in the air box is not used by the Hydra ECU.
I guess the air box is the same as other NB FL Miatas. I'm not sure of how restrictive it is but it sure removes all the fun sounds produced by the turbo.

After the air box was out of the way one can actually see the turbo. The size of the unit won't impress anyone... The MSM designers really had to be on a tight budget when looking they were looking for a turbo :-)

The new intake piping is a bit too shiny for my taste. If I decide to powder coat my rims I'll do the piping as well. The OEM silver looks really good and doesn't cause unwanted attention at the PKK. The new filter location by the firewall is not optimal for drawing cold air but I doubt it will be a problem with the over sized IC.

I later found out that there is no point in fitting the TB inlet pipe before installing the new injectors as the TB and the upper intake manifold has to be removed.
Some of the bolts holding the upper intake manifold are well hidden behind the TB. There are also several vacum lines that has to be removed.
I'm wondering if the VTCS has any positive effect on the MSM or if they just didn't bother to remove it from the 99' engine the MSM uses as a base.

The new injectors are low impedance RC developments 550cc.
I bought the clip on adapters which is almost necessary as there are very little available space around the fuel rail for splicing cables. The black plastic casing surrounding the harness doesn't do it any easier.
The stock ones are smaller in size but that doesn't necessary say anything about the capacity.
Installing them requires a bit of fiddling as one has to align all four injectors perfectly with the fuel rail without dropping the plastic spacers.

There has been a copule of posts on about failing one way valves between the engine cover and intake manifold causing boostpressure to blow out oil into the intake pipes.
FM sells the OEM RX7 unit and claims it does a better job than the stock MSM valve.
By the looks, feel, and dimensions it seems like the same unit. I will be very surprised if there are any differences between these two besides the color and the printing. MSM valve to the left (BP05).

The stock recirculating bypass valve is know to leek boost even at stock levels.
There has been some discussion about it being mounted the wrong way from the factory but that sounds very unlikely.
The new GBF unit that is included with the kit has no such problems.
What I didn't know was that the one venting to free air was an option and the one that came with the kit was recirculating. I might be able to use it as a BOV if the stock spring is stiff enough.

Next up is the Hydra EMS install. I'll write about that in another post.