The stock MSM IC will not impress anyone. Tiny core with plastic end tanks.
The fact that its exposed in the front does not improve things.
It would be fun to measure how effective it actually is compared to the bigger unit in the FM kit. Hopefully both flow and heat dissipation is better in the new one. At least it looks better :)

Removing the stock IC was pretty forward by removing the front part of the undertray and removing som bolts holding the IC. The stock rubber hoses was glued to the pipes and had to be cut to get them off.

The old IC was full of dirt, rubber pieces and insects. It would be a good idea to have some kind of grille before the IC but I'm afraid this would block the airflow too much. Since I will keep the AC I need all the air I can get.

Both the height, width and depth of the new IC is bigger than stock.
I chose not to have the FM logo facing forwards.

To make room for the new IC its necessary to cut the stock IC pipes.
The instructions suggests that the pipe ends should be flanged for better grip but I hope it will hold without doing so. Since the pipes are atached to the frame they will not blow apart.

To get the IC to align straight its neccesary to trim the horn bracket located above the IC. The best thing is to relocate the horn to another location. After some violence it sits pretty vertical aligned to the front opening.

The end results turned out like this.
The pic is from the startingline of "Ten of the Best" @ Gardermoen.
I'll make a separate post for that event later on.

The IC did not give any increased ass-dyno hp. It's more a safety thing for supressing detonation than a power mod. Looks great and will come to good use when the stock hair dryer hits 14 psi :-D