While I had the turbo out I did some measuring with 2mm of washers between the actuator and compressor housing. This will have the same effect as lengthening the wg rod.
This will make the wg door open more and hopefully give more wg flow.

3.5 mm is the max height one can shim the actuator while still having some preload on the wg door.

I tried with 2 flat washers (on both sides) which resulted in ca. 2.2 mm spacing:

Before and after pics. Measuring from the flange to the highest point on the wg door it went from 9.5 mm stock to 12.5 mm modified:

I definitely think this will give more flow trough the outlet. It might even be enough to have stable boost without porting the outlet.

I ended up removing the washers as I later discovered that the banjo bolt for the coolant to the center section of the turbo interferes with the actuator bracket. This needs to be trimmed to do this mod. If porting is not enough I'll try this. This can be done with the manifold and turbo in place.