A norwegian car magazine, raanern.no, held the first public trackday for 2008 at Rudskogen.
Too many cars, lots of waiting, idiots doing the technical inspection, lots of drifting, sand on the track etc. But it was worth it! I loved every minute of the 4 x 10 min sessions I got on track out of the total 9 hours I spent waiting in line...
I used a 5mhz external bluetooth GPS with the excellent Symbian S60 app RaceChrono on my Nokia E61i smart phone for lap timing.
Best time for the day was 1:09.9 which I think is awsome with the stock MSM suspension. I have never thought that I could do a sub 1:10 lap at this track with OEM suspension. Great stuff. With a beefy front bar to make it handle better in transitions and -2 camber in all corners this could be one killer setup.
There were two EVO's that was faster than me this evening. Both was said to have 350+hp and coilovers so I can live with that.
A picture of me in action taken by Zamot @ bilforumet.net: