I had two awsome evenings at Rudskogen this week. The first trackday on sunday was held by som guys from the historical racing community.
Lots of nice cars. A very good and informative drivers meeting.
I did ca. 30 laps. Some guy timed me to 1.16. Thats a second better than I did with my 250 hp 323 GT-R!
The second trackday was held by http://www.bilmekanier.no/ on the 18. of may.
This time I was more relaxed and could focus more on cornering and breaking points.
The MX-5 is really competitive even in stock form.
I had some nice battles with a lot of "faster" cars.
I even passed a stock 200SX s14 on the straight by having a much higher speed out of the corner.
The brakes held up good. No fading or overheating.
Som pictures I found on www.bilforumet.net:
Chasing a Volvo. Nailed him on the next straight.
200SX looking twice as big as my little roadster.