Team Sideways held an Autoslalom/SS1 this weekend.
This was my first real test with the AFCO suspension. It turned out great. I cut my best time with almost 5 sec. I would say 50% had to do with the suspension and the rest with me becoming more familiar with the track.
When I left for the day I had clocked the fastes time of 01.06.43.
Later that evening a 360/550 Whp/Nm WRX did a 01:05,78 lap

Despite setting some good times I'm not satisfied with the loose handling of the car.
I'm beginning to suspect that the 205 on 6.5" rim is not optional. One can clearly see the sidwalls flexing on the above pics.
Other causes could be to weak front bar or bushings.
We'll se what I'll do first.