The stock MSM shifter knob is way too small for anything other than tiny japanese girly hands. You have to shift with your fingertips to get the gearing right.
I first tried this one from Sparco:

It was ok but lacked we and the way it was mounted with a rubber spacer and umbrako screws was not optimal regarding flex. Yeah, and it was too flashy.

The yanks have been raving about the Voodoo shift knob since the late 80's ... so I had to try it in hopes of making the 6-speed shift more precise.
The design is eh.. simple. Just an aluminium ball with a hole in it.
I opted for the wrinkle powdercoated black finish:

Looks cool. Stealth

The shifter feel was improved but not 100%. I think the Sparco knob filled with lead or somtehing would be perfect as the grip was better.
But the voodoo knob is almost there. The lov profile makes it kind of a poor boy short shifter.