FMCN held an autox event this weekend with the SS1 setup.
I attended with a brand new set of R888.
There were not that many cars and none that was really fast other than in a straight line.
Unfortunately the track had been used for drifting the day before which made it slippery due to all the rubber. Too bad as the event was well organized with photo cell timing equipment and lots of time on the track.

After 3 runs my best time was 1.08,11 which is about 2 seconds slower than the previous weekend under similar weather conditions.
There were other people that also saw 2 seconds slower times than usual.
This sucks as I was not able to tell if there is a difference in performance from 15" to 17" on 205 R888. The car felt more precise but in the end it's the lap time that matters.

I'm pretty sure I could get a 1.07 this day but in the third run I had some rubbing in the front. Under inspection I also saw some kind of oil like spilling.
I figured it was the couplings on the oilcoller that was loose. I later found out that it most likely was grease from the tire used when mounting them at the shop.
Here is a pic taken from inside the 180 degree corner. I think the 17" looks too big on the car.