New trackday held by KARN.  
Good conditions and not a lot of cars on the track.  Perfect for trying out different settings on the suspensions.

I ended up with C-5, R-5 front and C-10, R-5 rear.  It did not help on the laptimes but the car feels easier to control.  My best time was 1.09,4.  over half a sec slower than last weekend.
450 lbs springs in the front is not enough for track driving with the MSM.  At least 550 or more.
I have already ordered a 1.25" tubular Racing Beat sway bar.  The rear bar stays stock as I need all the grip I can get out of corners.  I keep the springs this year but have to get something stiffer for 2009.
The current setup + the RB sway is hopefully perfect for Nürburgring in August.