Trackday at Rudskogen held by NSK
Sunny weather and 20 c was perfect for chasing fast laps.
Since this was my first time on track with the AFCO's I had high expectations for faster lap times.
My goal is to beat my prevous high 1.08 that were set with my old NA.

The first session went pretty bad.  A loud clunking sound appeard when braking into the first right hand corner after the straight.  I wasn't really pushing the limits since I had a passanger and was talking him trough the corners, break points etc.

Back in the pits I removed the left wheel and saw that the wheel was rubbing the inner fender.
I raised the suspension a couple of turns and increased the compression 3 clicks from FM's recommendation.

New sessions on the track with maximum attack.  I was now rid of the rubbing and sounds from the suspension but my brakes felt a little faded at the end.  The grip was a little better but there was major over steer in the transition which steals a lot of time as it is easy to get a wheel onto or over the curb.
My best time 1.09,6 .  This was really disappointing.  Only 0.3 secs faster than the OEM suspension.  At this point I was not too happy with my $2000 suspension.  Either the stock setup is very good or my AFCOs is way off on the settings / spring rates.

On my last session I had stiffened the rebound and compression in the back.  This actually worked as I clocked 1.08,8 .  This was a step in the right direction but I'm still not satisfied with only a sec improvement with the new suspension.
It does not feel as sharp and stiff as the KYB agx with FM springs on the NA.  The MSM front bar is much stiffer than the stock bar I used on the NA but it still feels loose in transitions and turn in.

Anyways,  I think a 1.07 is possible with some more setup and experimenting.

I got some pax laps with my colleagues Porsche 996.  It was his first trackday but he picked up the lines pretty fast.  The brakes on the 996 are fantastic.  The car breaks perfect without effort in places where I'm balancing the car in 20 percent drift with the ABS screaming for help.
I think the stopping distance is the same but the modulation and feel is way better than the sports brakes and track pads I'm used to.
If the fading is not caused by the fluid I have to upgrade my breaks.

No pics from this evening.