When ordering my AFCO's I asked FM if they had new spring and a trumpet for the GBF resirc valve to be able to vent to atmosphere.  No point in resirculating already compressed and heated air more than once.  When using MAP sensor there is no issues vith MAF metering more air than reaches the intake anyway.

FM was kind enough to include a lightly used VTA BOV for free.  I'm sure the $2500 order for the AFCO's and other parts made that possible.

The fitting is even simpler than with the resirculating unit as you can ditch the crossover tube.
I have to admit I still like the ricy 'PSSSST' and 'Baff-aff-faaa' sound a BOV makes.
Actually I think the VTA BOV is more quiet from inside the car as the resirc unit dumped to the 4" FM intake which acted like a resonator.  From the outside the VTA is louder.
Works great and raise power with 0.0000067 whp.