Yess. I did a 1.08,0 lap today in the first session on KARN trackday @ Rudskogen and several 1.08,4 laps.
I was hoping for a 1.07 this season but thought that was impossible with my previous best of 1.08,8. Since my 5 mhz GPS with RaceChrono measures +-0.1 sec I could fool myself into thinking that this was actually 1.07,9 :)
Anyway, I'm very pleased with this lap time afterall.

Too bad I don't know if it is the extra power from the 3" exhaust or the new 1.250" sway bar.
As expected the swaybar changed the handling characteristics of the car. Instead of oversteer out of corners and in transitions I now have light understeer.
That doesn't mean I can't have power oversteer if I want but it's now easier to modulate the trottle out of corners without getting punished by having the rear end drift out.

I still have a noise coming from the front suspension in transitions and tight corners. It's getting more noisy. One theory is that one of the bushings are slipping in the control arms. Another possibility is that the sloppy 450 lbs springs can't cope and bottoms the shock.

No pics.