I got my package from ATPturbo yesterday.
Garret GT3071R turbo and Tial 38mm external WG.
It's not a big turbo in regular tuning circles but compared to the stock IHI turbo it's quite impressive:

I went for the 2.75 inlet instead of the optional 4" anti surge inlet. The turbine has a V-band flange for easier mounting and adjusting. Nice to be able to rotate the down pipe if there are fitment issues.

The compressor housing needs to be rotated. I guess it will be pointing down. I might be able to use FM's silicon pipe. It's pretty complicated to make alu IC piping when both the AC and PS in the way.
Some metal needs to be notched fit the compressor housing.

There should be enough space to make a decent DP. Some of the modular DP's at atpturbo.com might be a good starting point.

Another option is this one with a flex and very low profile:

The WG is not visible from the engine bay and is located under the compressor.
I am considering venting the WG to atmosphere. It will be noisy but only when under boost.

Heat in the engine bay will be a problem. I'm not sure if I will use exhaust wrap. An alternative is to use some of the OEM shielding if it is possible without to much modification.
The hose going to the water pump needs to be shielded as well as all pipes/hoses near the firewall. I'll try to make it look subtle, and not like a space station down there. With the WG out of the way and some shielding over the manifold this could end up looking nice.