As I wrote in an earlier blog post I have not been able to control the boost pressure at high RPM.

I ended up ordering a 0.5 bar WG spring and some hevy duty fuel lines to replace the flimsy ATPturbo lines.
The spring was $35 + $40 shipping. After Norwegian tax and various handling fees it was almost 1K NOK. For a little spring ???
Anyways, here it is:

New spring is green, old 0.8 bar spring is blue.

Dismantled WG.

I noticed that the WG valve is not lifting more than 50% of the maximum height. I wonder if this could be a flow restriction:

My first test drive was nerve wracking. If the spring or new vacuum lines didn't fix the problem I would have to suspect that the design of the WG outlet on the manifold was flawed and not suitable for applications boosting less than 1.5 bar...
But that is not the case as I now can keep the boost at 0.5 bar creeping to 0.6 at 7K rpm !!
I'm not sure if the old lines where leaking or if the new spring did the trick but something solved the problem!

But a new problem has showed its ugly head. After dialing in 1 bar of boost on the EBC my clutch has started slipping. Thats actually kind of cool as FM meant it could handle 300 hp...
What's not cool is my burning wallet. A new FM SPEC 2 clutch and flywheel will cost med 6K NOK in parts. Plus, the job is a PITA. I knew this would happen eventually but some other unforeseen costs involving my daily driver means I have to wait at least 1 month before I can afford the clutch.
Until then I have to run 0.8 bar.