I have finally run out of excuses for not yet taking the MSM to the track this year.
Most issues have now been fixed, boost is stable, fluids are holding etc.

NSK (www.sportsvogn.no) held a trackday 20.june which I attended.
The track day was held at Vålerbanen (www.valerbanen.no) and included the new twisty section.

I was a little unsure if I should use the 17" R888 or the 15" T1Rs from the RatX5 as there might be some rain during the day.
I ended up using the worn out R888 which turned out to be a bad choice.

The first pass on the track was 10 minutes of very bad driving in the rain. I have only driven this track once before in 2006 and with 150 hp less in the dry. In the rain with worn out R888 I had a very hard time keeping the rear end where it belongs.

The next pass went quicker. I had a scare when my brakes faded at the end of the straight resulting in me blasting trough some cones and luckily into a deserted part of the track not in use.
There is lots of power now compared to my previous setup. Especially over 5K where it rises all the way to redline.
It also turned out that noise from the dump pipe was not loud at all. One of the marshals commented that the WG sounded like an exhaust leak... but the noise was not loud compared to other cars on the track.

When I rolled into the pits after the second pass I noticed that the idle was fluctuating. It turned out that the breather hose from the head to the manifold had jumped off. I fixed it with a proper hose clamp.

My last pass ended in kind of a mess. After a couple of laps I noticed a lot of smoke in the mirror. In the next corner my PS was gone. In the pits i discovered that the hose going from the reservoar to the PS pump was cracked straight off at the reservoar resulting in PS fluid spiling all over the hot side of the engine.
That pretty much ended the track day for me as it was not fixable on site.
Looks like I have to redesign/reroute the hose. It might be possible to bend the pipe going out of the reservoar but the best is probably to mod the pipes at both ends.

To make the day complete my clutch started to slip like crazy on my way back home. It started when I was playing with the gain setting on the EBC. Now it slips at anything over 0.5 bar.

New clutch and flywheel was shipped from FM yesterday.

Some pics of the MSM in action taken by JIN @ NSK
( More pics here: http://media.sportsvogn.no/gallery2/main.php?g2_itemId=32687 )