New track day and the MSM is still offline for clutch swap and power steering fix.
The NA on the other hand is running perfect and doesn't mind a little track time, I hope...

Yet again there were perfect running conditions. Temps above 25 C , not too many cars and a perfectly organized event held by NSK (

I did 40 laps this evening. The old NA is a joy to drive. Perfectly balanced, superb brakes and fairly good grip from the Toyos.

I have always wondered how fast I could drive a stock MX5 around the Rudskogen track.
On lap 15 in the second session I managed a 1:15,5 lap. After that the tires were toasted and the lap times climbed to 1.16+ .

The soft and predictable standard setup of the car makes it easy to practice turn-in and brake points. It is very forgivable compared to the tricked out MSM. The slower speed also makes it possible to push harder with the available grip at hand.
What amazes me I is how agile and competent a 262000 km 14 year old MX5 feels.
People need to know that this car can be used on the track with no modifications. The standard stuff is top notch for. Especially for a first timer.

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