Since my MSM is waiting for a new clutch and flywheel the daily driver has to do some duty on the track.
On impulse I decided to drive all the way to Vålerbanen again last thursday to get some laps on a trackday held by .
The event was really low key with no flagpost or any other organized stuff except taking 1000 NOK i payment. I believe it was 10-15 cars there. Mostly people from the Porsche club.
I did not prep the car other than stiffening the KYB AGX dampers from 3 to 6.
Yes, and the car has brand new Mazda OEM rotors and pads.

The weather was perfect. 28 C and sunny, empty track.
To my surprise the 14 years old car with 260000 km on the clock was handling like a champ. The engineers responsible for the NA knew their stuff. The balance and turn inn are excelent. Perfect for experimenting with brakepoints, apex and turninpoints.
The only thing that disappointed me are the Toyo T1R tires. I think I did under 30 laps, but they look like a worn out tootbrush already.
Engine was crisp and didn't seem to mind constant WOT up to redline.

After about 10 laps the coolant temp needle started to climb. I'm unsure about the coolant mix. It's probably at least 1 year old and mixed with at least 30 % glycol.
I I'll take it to the track again I'll change out the coolant just to be sure.

No pics.