Changing the clutch on a MX5 might be one of the shittiest jobs you can do on the car.
I have done it twice now and it doesn't get any better.
I probably used 3 evenings cursing under the car. Lots of extra work with all the supporting bracing, big exhaust, DP.
Once that was off, ripping of the transmission was straight forward.

The new clutch and flywheel are the Flyin` Miata supersize clutch Happy Meal with the 10.3 lbs flywheel.

Some comparison pics of the stock exeedy MSM clutch/flywheel

As usual (based on 2 clutch jobs... ) it was a real PITA to get the transmission aligned with the pilotbearing etc. After almost 1 hour of swearing I found out that the Mazda comp eninge mounts are so stiff that the engine was actually tipped forward. I jacked it up in the front and everything just ... worked.

After ages reattaching everything it was ready to go for a test drive.
My first reaction was the super heavy clutch pedal. It feels even firmer than the old ACT setup. New lighter flywheel works great. Easier to rev match and and nice feel. The car is kind of easy to stall when cold. Hopefully the clutch will be a little less grabby when broken in.
I hope this works ok on the track as I am not in the mood changing the clutch again for a couple of decades.