I have been busy a couple of weeks doing fun stuff like going to the Nordschleife with the mighty RatX5 and some other non car related stuff.
As I mentioned in my last post the WG pipe needs to be welded into the DP as I can't stand the noise and flames shooting out at every gear shift.
Currently the turbo, manifold, WG and DP is off the car due to a broken manifold to turbo stud and a water leakage I have had problems locating even when I ran the car without the under tray.

I also have 4 15x9 6UL's and matching 225 ToyoR888 lying around. Once the car is back on the ground I'll have them fitted :)

And, new Carbotech pads. Hopefully those + new ATE SB fluid will fix the brake fade issue once and for all.