FMCN held one of the last SS2 AutoX events at Gardemoen raceway in 2009.
Perfect conditions with nice sunny weather but only about 5 C ambient.
I did not plan to attend any more events before I got the WG return fixed but I did bring my helmet just in case...
I got two runs before I had to split. My best time was 1.507 which was good enough for second fastes time of the day. Only beaten by my friends 400 whp track prepped NA.

I did not run with the silencer on the dump pipe. As usual people was asking me what that horrible sound was.
I'm pretty sure I can better my time with at least 1 sec just by getting rid of the misfire/lag at gear shifts, put on my 6UL/R888 combo and new pads without more power.

Here is a pic while accelerating out of the slalom.