Or, actually I'm getting quite good at gapping rings. I just need to understand which ring goes where.

I misread the spec sheet from Wiseco and thought the thickest dark colored ring was the top ring. Yes, I n00b'ed ...
That means I have a 0.019 second ring and 0.021 top ring ..
Per Wisecos recomendation you want a bigger gap for the second ring than the first to avoid ring flutter.
That means I need to gap the second ring to 0.022. $&/#%%#!!!@@ Thats a tad more racy than I was planing but ok.

New motorstand. Uneccesary but the other one is taken and I'm in a hurry.

My kit. Note to myself. Buy the $49 ring gapper from Summit and save lots of time:

Feeler gauge in action