I took some comparison shots of the blue printed Boundary Engineering oil pump while putting it on the engine.

This is fitted with their billet oil pump gears which . I thought buying the hole pump was a good idea so I would know that the gears was properly put together and shimmed correctly.

On the outside the pump looks the same as the OEM MSM except for not having a tapped hole for the crank sensor and a different part number I can't see any signs of porting from the outside. Hopefully the have fitted a stiffer spring to the relive valve (Or else I have paid $$$ for some fancy gears in an OEM housing)

The crank trigger wouldn't fit without grinding of the tab behind the flywheel and tapping the an existing hole for the M6 bolt.

Nice to know that the OEM gears won't fail on me as this is a weak point in the BP engine.