On Wednesday evening I was ready to fire up the engine for the first time after rebuild.

I was pretty confident that the shortblock was ok was but the real test is always when turning the key.
To build oil and fuel pressure I disconnected the signal to the coils and cranked it for 20 seconds.
When I tried to fire it up with the coils connected the car started with a super load bang with fire balls coming out the exhaust. Thats what happens when you have fuel from 20 secs of cranking in the exhaust pipes...
But after the initial boooom the engine started and purred like a kitteh. No strange noises or irregular idle. I had one small coolant leak from the mixing manifold gasket. This was missing from the FM rebuild kit so I used a thermostat gasket instead. Obviously it didn't fit.

The car will be running N/A while I get it trough the annual PKK test here in Norway. Hopefully that will be taken care of this month. I need to fix some cheap LED parking lights and mount the 225 R888 on the 6UL rims and its good to go.