My latest internet purchase is a PWR Intercooler based on the AERO 2 tube and fin core.

One of the biggest challenges on a tracked turbo Miata is engine cooling. Especially when keeping the AC as the air flowing trough the front opening needs to pass trough 3 layers of heat exchangers.
A bar and plate IC is known to have better internal aerodynamics for the charged air but is restrictive for the outside cooling air going trough. Thats bad news for the radiator. For some reason almost all non OEM IC cores are bar and plate now days and a lot of them comes from the same chinese factory spewing out universal IC for as low as $30.

The Aero 2 core is a tube and fin design with a lot better external aerodynamics then bar and plate designs but also have a very good internal flow with less pressure differential than older tube and fin designs. I hope the better external flow help holding the engine temps at check.
If this wont be enough I need to look at high flow fans or cutting the hood (or both...)

Thanks to "2/3rd's Cobra" over at for pointing me to the PWR IC. He has documented pressure and flowtesting of a similar AERO2 core on his cardomain page with excellent results:

500 X 210 X 73mm with 2 1/2 " outlets which is pretty much the same size as my current FM IC from the Big E kit. That means it will work with my existing IC piping. It even looks like the mounting hardware will fit.
If shipping from down under isn't astronomical I might start looking for more parts down there as the AUS $ is low at moment.