Looks like www.jenvey.co.uk will start producing both IRTB and a FI manifold for the BP.
I stole some pics from Malcoms excellent Miata race car build thread:
Så dette fra denne tråden:   http://www.mx5nutz.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=45768&view=findpost&p=799680

£600 ~ 5800 NOK is very reasonable if it includes both fuel rail and TB as the forum post says.
The runners looks a bit short but based on the pictures.
This is very good news for the Miata/MX5 crowd as there are no real reasonable alternatives out there other than hacking on a Civic IM or doing a custom IM.
Looking forward to see how this turns out.  Based on their other products I think £600 is just for the manifold, not the TB or fuelrail...

Looking at their web pages it looks like they have one Turbo plenum that they use with different flanges and runners for different engines:

Very pretty and OEM looking.

Here is a pic of the IRTB setup for those who are into this sort of stuff.