FM has posted some more info on their FMIIR turbo system.
I wrote some harsh words about it earlier:

My assumptions was not far off.

GT3071R, with .72ar hotside T2 housing with a 60mm turbine wheel . Anti surge compressor,  3" DP , turbosmart v-band WG but still using the FMII cast manifold and their 8mm bolts.

Testcar has ID1000 injectors and running E85 on a FM2.0 stroker engine with VVT.
Dynochart is impressive:

This was with stock (struggling) ignition and only 1.2 bar of boost.
I ran over 1.5 bar on 98 octane before stock coils gave up.  I really wish I had my setup on the Dyno before I sold it.
If they find magic 8mm non stretching bolts this could be a good alternative for people wanting a big hp BP setup backed up by the most reputable company in the MX5 tuning market.