It's sad that several of the latest posts on this blog are reposts of articles from,  but they are simply the best automotive performance blog on the internet. Written for car nerds by car nerds.

Their article on the new FT86/BRZ/* is just what I have been looking for.

Interesting picture comparing the size with a NC and a couple of gigantic intergalactic spaceships.

There is so much win baked into this car. RWD, boxer engine sound, lots of already available tuning parts from the Impreza, light weight, roomy without being a bus, quality brand and the list goes on.
It's the perfect tuner car that people can afford.  Not like the R35, Supra, 911, Elise etc. which are too much $$$ (at least where I live)
Give it 10 years and this will be a trackday/drift/Autox favorite even here in Norway.