While I have the header out I got my main man over at A&R consulting to weld on some EGT bungs into my header primaries. Four of them actually.

Since I still use the stock MSM single feed fuel rail I'm not sure if is able to deliver 4 x 1000cc injectors evenly across the cylinders when it was designed for 300cc. Now we will know for sure.  Hopefully they are not way off as I would like to use the stock setup. Why change something that works etc.  If there is a small difference I'll just tune A/F after the leanest/hottest cylinder.

For measuring I will use Stinger EGT probes and an Innovate TC-4.  The TC-4 will be connected to the MTS serial chain with the LC-1 WBO2 and read by the Adaptronic 420c ECU.  All four EGT channels will then be available in the datalogs!  I love this stuff!