New plans and new priorities have lead me to putting my project car for the last 5 years up for sale.

It has been a fantastic 5 years of ownership, and as usual I almost reached my ultimate goal for the car after spending $$$$ amonts of money on 4 different setups.  At least I never regretted buying this one compared to the NSX, and the Mini, the RD500, the 69 Vespa, my RC hellicopter... and the list goes on.

I'm selling it stock besides the hard-to-revers parts which turned out to be quite a bunch..
- Fully built engine including BE oilpump and $$$ ATI damper
- FM new happy meal
- Polybushings all around including diff
- Baller PWR rad and IC
- 2.5 DP with sports CAT
- SS Brake Lines

- Lots of other small things like real OP gauge, proper hose clamps, insulated transmission tunnel, PVC mod,  VTSC delete.

I also have a huge amount of other performance parts but they will stay until I decide what to do next.
They might end up on another NA/NB  or not...

Some pics of the car: