Since I'm currently waiting for parts that don't exsist (6-speed prop shaft..) I swapped the rear discs and pads to the cheapest China could offer
Thanks for painting the discs silver and possibly furcking up the bedding process of my new Yellow stuff pads. I'll never use the supplied pads.

I have had a strange noise coming from the rear brakes after hard track use but was not sure if it was the brakes or a bearing problem.
But now I'm sure:

It seems as the inner pad is more worn than the outer on each wheel. I don't remember that being an issue on the NA/NB.

If these brake discs hold up on the track with the EBC Yellow stuff  they will be a great deal even when binning the included pads.
I won't swap out the fronts until I have worn out the current Yellow stuff pads.  I ALWAYS use new pads on new discs.