I did some temprature logging via OBDII at Rudskogen yesterday which pretty much confirms my testing in this post: http://www.mazdaspeedy.com/2013/07/iat-ect-and-pressure-drop-mesurement.html

I did the logging at the end of a balls out 10 min session http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhT1XIa3TeQ

Ambient: 21 C
ECT (coolant temp) : 78-82 C
IAT (Intake air temp manifold):  21 - 24C

IAT at 24C was recorded only when stuck behind slower cars.
82C ECT was after the long straight.

Both these values confirms that the ECU is not pulling timing based on the temp/ignition correction tables which is nice.  As I said before, a CAI would do nothing for this car except messing up the engine compartment and possibly lower the filtration quality.