Yeees!  The closer ratio 6-speed box and perfect conditions bettered my personal best with almost 1 sec ,  1.44,57.  I had a total of four 1.44 laps so it was not share luck either.
I have now pretty much reach my goal for the untouched 1.8 engine.  I would guess the header and tuned ECU would gain me max 10 whp  for a total of 110whp in a 1100 kg car with driver and a few drops of fuel.

Looking a the videos below I could probably shave off some tenths here and there but I think 1.43 is out of reach without more power on the current setup.  Wing and LSD might do it but I rather spend the $ on power from now on since I already have most of the parts on the shelf.  Next project will be getting the AEM Infinity EMS into the car.

1.44,57 lap

Here is a side by side comparison with a previous 1.46 lap.  It looks to me like I'm winning time accelerating out onto the straight. You might need to pause the right window a sec or two to sync the laptime.  Very useful tool.
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